Advice and Tips

How to stay safe, how to save money, and how to get the most from your taxi service. We are always trying to think on ways to give an even better service. If you have any ideas on how we could improve please get in touch


Never be tempted to use an unlicensed taxi. Apart from being potentially dangerous, you will not be insured in the event of an accident. There are some operating in the area. This also applies to Private Hire vehicles. Unless you pre book these you will not be insured in the event of an accident. Make sure any taxi you get into is properly licensed and the driver is also licensed. Report anything suspicious to Falkirk Council Taxi Office on 01324 501575 or the Police on 101. Stay Safe! Go here for a list of local taxi companies

The difference between a Taxi and a PH (private hire)? ... A taxi is licenced and insured to pick passengers up from taxi ranks or any other place. A PH is not allowed on a taxi rank, nor can they pick up passengers from the street. A PH car must be booked in advance.

Before asking a PH driver to take you somewhere, think about the risks. You won't be insured if there is an accident and also the driver could be prosecuted, fined and even lose his license if he is found to be taking non pre booked hires.

Don't ask a driver to take more passengers than what the vehicle is licensed for. Having too many passengers will invalidate the insurance and is illegal. If stopped by the police the driver will be in serious trouble.

Always wear a seatbelt whether you are in the front or the back seat of a taxi. Adults are responsible for wearing their own seatbelt. If the vehicle is stopped by the police it is the adult passenger who will recieve a fine if not wearing their seatbelt. The taxi driver is responsible for making sure any children in the taxi are wearing a seatbelt.

The vehicle carries a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

Gordons Taxi also carries a small foot step which some people find helpful getting in and out of the vehicle.

It is not permitted to smoke in any taxi at any time. The driver of a taxi is not allowed to smoke in the vehicle even when the vehicle is not being used as a taxi

Any complaints about the state of a vehicle, the behaviour of a driver, or any other matter should be directed to Falkirk Council Taxi Office on 01324 501575

Saving Money

Taxi meters have 3 settings, tariff 1, tarif 2 and tariff 3. When the meter is turned on it will show what tariff is being used.

Tariff 3 only applies at Christmas and New Year. Tariff 1 (day rate) applies from 6am till 9pm. Tariff 2 (night rate) applies from 9pm till 6am and roughly equates to 25% more than day rate.

If you book a taxi to go out in the evening try and get into the taxi before 9pm. The meter will come on at tariff 1 and stay at that rate until the journey ends, even if that is past 9pm. It can make a big difference to the final cost

Taxi meters have a seal just like an electric meter. This seal should be visible and not broken. It is put on by the council when the meter is set and ensures that nobody has tampered with it.

Most taxi companies apply extra charges to meter rates. When this happens you notice that the price on the meter when you reach your destination suddenly jumps up when the driver presses some buttons. Extas could be for additional passengers, call out charges, baggage charges, etc. At Gordons taxis we do not apply extra charges. You will only ever be charged at most the standard meter fare.

It is possible on any journey to agree with the driver a fixed price for the journey before you set off. In this case the meter is not used and you pay only what was agreed.

Gordons Taxis accepts Visa and Mastercard in the vehicle which can be handy if you need to get somewhere and don't have any cash on you. It can also be used over the phone if you want to pay for somebody elses taxi. Say a friend or relative is stranded somewhere and you want the taxi to go and get them you could pay over the phone by card.

If you are in Edinburgh or Glasgow or at any airport, it will work out much cheaper to use Gordons Taxis than to use a city cab or airport taxi to get home. Call me and depending on traffic I can be with you in 30 mins for Edinburgh or 45 mins for Glasgow.

All my regular customers benefit from even lower prices. It is worth following me on facebook and twitter as I sometimes post up special deals or try to organise people into groups to save money by sharing a taxi to special events.

Regular customers can also have a taxi on account, which means you pay the total bill at the end of the month or whenever suits.

Business users can also have an account and be invoiced monthly.

Nights out to Edinburgh. It's cheaper by taxi than train. If there are 6 or 8 people in your group consider booking Gordons Taxis. For a total of £80 you will be picked up from your home, taken directly to your chosen venue in Edinburgh and collected again at whatever time you choose and brought back to Bo'ness with each person dropped to their home. You can stop off at McDonalds on the way home if you like. The trains don't run after about 11:30pm anyway so you can't get back on a train. A city cab will cost more. Gordons taxi will save you time and money and you can even play your own music through the superior digital bluetooth sound system.